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Hello! :)

Discussion in 'Lajes American School' started by westernrider1098, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. westernrider1098 New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I lived in Lajes from 98-2000. I went to Lajes elementary at that time. I don't remember a lot about my friends at school (though I do remember the layout of both the elementary school and the middle/high school). I do remember I lived directly across from the elementary school in a brown trailer. I remember most all of my neighbors though and would love to hear from anyone that was in Lajes at that time. My dad was one of the managers of the Aafes BX/PX.

    Looking specifically for any neighbors at that time. Lance (mother's name was Rose, phillipino), Spencer (had a pet snake), Brittany (had a little sister who's name escapes me and a tire swing in their backyard), Michelle and Michael (brother and sister).

    Some favorite memories are:

    ~ Jaywalking to school (I saw no point in walking a couple of blocks down to a cross walk when I would just have to walk back again once I got across the street).

    ~ Being in the annual "fashion show" at the PX with a bunch of other kids.

    ~ Split Rock!!!! And the rainbows after a storm.

    ~ Getting water from a natural spring instead of the tap like I was used to.

    ~ The Banana Spiders (probably not the real name, but that's what us kids called them). They were huge yellow and black spiders that usually hung out on hydrangea bushes. They would literally vibrate their nets if you threw rocks at them and got them (expletive deleted) off (not that I ever did that ;)). They averaged around the size of your fist.

    ~ Being able to walk to everywhere on the base. (I technically lived off base (the fence was in my back yard, literally) but I just walked to one of the two gates and could get to everywhere I needed to go from there. But that hill that I lived on (the one the schools were at the top of) was a pain to walk back up. :)

    ~ Picking blackberries and eating them off the branches in summer. Also "sourflowers" (we would pick a certain flower and suck on the stem, it was sour). Not sure what the real name of those flowers are.

    Please feel free to contact me, even if you just want to share memories. I left around a year or so before the grand opening of the "new" (bigger) PX (I think that was in 2001? 2002?).

    Lauren Kleemann

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