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Kelly or Kelley family Rome, Italy 63- 65

Discussion in 'Lost & Found Department' started by Daksy, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Daksy New Member

    Good morning, OSB!
    I spent 5 years in Europe (Paris 60-63 & Rome 63-65), as my Dad was career USAF. Went to school at Orly Air Force Base & Garches, while in France & The Overseas School of Rome, while in Italy. There was another school in Rome, Notre Dame International, that some of my friends attended. I lived off the Via Cassia, on the Via Casale Ghella, in a new apartment complex where a lot of American families also resided. Anyway, there was a family of Kellys (or Kelleys) that lived on the 4th floor of the same apartment building & the 4 boys attended NDI. The oldest, Chris, was one of my best friends & I have been trying (quite unsuccessfully) for the last 15 years or so to locate him or his brothers. the youngest was named Kieran & their Dad was (I think) attached to the U.S. Embassy. I've been through & Facebook & numerous other sites to try to locate them, so I'll take a shot here. Anyone familiar with this "clan"? Chris would be 61 or 62 by now...
    Thanks in advance.
    Bob Smith OSR 63 - 65

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