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Lajes High School

Discussion in 'Lajes American School' started by Patrick, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Patrick New Member

    Hello to all the Lajes High School alumni out there!

    I attended LHS from 1980 to 1983 as a proud member of the Class of '84! I departed Lajes during the summer of '83 and completed high school in Southern California. After HS graduation, I attended the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. From there, I began my AF career as a pilot, where a majority of my time was spent in the C-141B Starlifter flying cargo missions around the globe.

    During my 20 year AF career, I was stationed at:
    Laughlin AFB, TX (pilot training)
    Travis AFB, CA (C-141 pilot)
    USAF Academy, CO (glider instructor & evaluator pilot)
    Ft Riley, KS (AMC airlift liaison to the Army)
    McGuire AFB, NJ (C-141 pilot & Wing Flight Safety Officer)
    Scott AFB, IL (Combat Delivery Airlift Director)

    Personally, I'm married to a wonderful woman (DeAnn), and we have two great kids (Zachary & Sarah). Our current home is in Illinois, and we'd love to hear from you! :)

    Please PM me here or send me an email with your contact info! :cool:

    Take Care and God Bless-
    Patrick Silvia (LHS Class of '84)
  2. dinah999 New Member

    So how is retirement treating you? Figured out civilian life yet? :) Hope all is well with you, Deann, and the kids!


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