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Looking forGail Hall (Larson AFB, WA; circa 1964)

Discussion in 'Lost & Found Department' started by JoeMcCubbins, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. JoeMcCubbins New Member

    I am looking for Gail Hall whose family was stationed at Larson in 1964. Her step-father was S/Sgt Joe Mynatt (I think that was his last name). She attended 8th grade at Moses Lake Jr. HS in 1964. I think she had an older sister or two. One had just lost a newborn in Nov or Dec 1964, and two younger brothers. Her step-father was reassigned to March AFB, CA in June 1965. If anybody ever came across her even after 1964 I would appreciate any info. We were good friends for about two months until in Jan 1965 my dad, T/Sgt Joseph W. McCubbins, was reassigned to Chanute AFB, IL (UGH!). Thanks for any help. Joe

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