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Revisiting the Past

Discussion in 'Finding Alumni -- Success Stories & Methods/Tools' started by Brad Tharpe, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Brad Tharpe New Member

    Hi all. Looking For folks that were At Soesterberg Primaraly from the years between 1978 to 1983. That was when I was there. However that isn't the only folks who need to reply. Anyone who has stories and or pic's to share and to help jar loose a memory or two. That's cool to:D

    I only have pics I've found on the net. But I'll Start by putting up a couple
    here. Oh darn. Just looked at the bottom. Apparently I cant post attachments yet.:eek:
  2. Mike Administrator

    It appears I forgot to enable embedded images within posts, or it's possible that I disabled them early on after some annoy pornographic spams were posted (hate it when I open one of those at work :().

    In any case I'll cycle through all the forums & enabled embedded images.

    With regard to attachments, "yet" will not arrive. I don't really want to commit disk space to attachments, and it would require extra work to keep the porn spammers in check.
  3. Mike Administrator

    Embedded images are now allowed in posts -- just look for the image icon when your are editing your post:


    You must have the images uploaded to a site on the internet first. My personal recommendation is:

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