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Discussion in 'General Comments, Discussions, Issues' started by Mike, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Mike Administrator

    After running on the old (vBulletin) software for almost 4.5 years, it was time for a change. We are now running on a much more modern & efficient platform called XenForo.

    Key new features of XenForo include:
    1. Images (old school pictures, reunion photos, etc.) can be uploaded to the site. Third-party hosting is not required.
    2. PDF copies of yearbooks can also be uploaded (contact me for assistance if you run into file size limitations or other problems).
    3. Videos that are uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook can be embedded directly in your posts. You don't have to send your viewers elsewhere to watch.
    4. Private messages are now extended to multi-party conversations. Any number of people can create their own private threads for non-public discussions.
    5. Registration via Facebook will be enabled shortly. Direct registration will still be possible.
    6. The more intrusive display ads are no longer shown to registered users. Some one-line ads for and "in-text" advertising will still be shown, and small images of books by and about Brats that can be purchased on Amazon will still be offered.
    7. I've removed all the local newspaper links to make it easier to find your schools in the forum lists. I'll try to find a less intrusive way to restore them.
    8. Links that were broken or which lead to something other than the advertised site have been removed. I'll be assembling a new lists of links to various resources for military & overseas brats.
    9. Filtering of spam registrations is much more effective. It is no longer necessary to manually approve newly registered members.
    The conversion software hiccuped on the thread tags; I will be restoring them manually over the next week or so.

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