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-William James Vahey: International Pedophile (10 schools, 9 countries, 42 years)

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    William James Vahey taught at these schools:
    • Tehran American School, Iran, 1972-73
    • American Community School of Beirut, Lebanon, 1973-75
    • American School of Madrid, Spain, 1975-76
    • Passargad School in Ahwaz, Iran, 1976-78
    • American Community School, Athens, Greece, 1978-80
    • Saudi Aramco Schools, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1980-92
    • Jakarta International School, Indonesia, 1992-2002
    • Escuela Campo Alegre, Caracas, Venezuela, 2002-09
    • Southbank International School, London, 2009-2013
    • American Nicaraguan School, Pista Suburbana, Managua, Nicaragua, 2013-2014
    His victims may number in the hundreds. At this point there are an estimated 60 victims just during his tenure at Southbank International School in London.

    If you are a victim, or have other information to contribute, please contact the F.B.I.:

    The information may be provided via a dedicated e-mail address, If you have investigative information that may aid the criminal investigation, you may submit it by using the electronic tips form at Investors may also call (713) 693-5699 for recorded information from the Houston Victim Assistance Program. This line is for information only and at this time is unable to accept messages due to the expected call volume.

    Hard copy documentation may be mailed to:

    FBI Victim Assistance Program
    Post Office Box 924427
    Houston , TX 77292-4427​

    If it is determined that you are a victim, the FBI will be in touch with you. Please note that due to the expected number of responses, it may be several weeks before you are contacted.

    SA Shauna A. Dunlap
    Tel. 713-693-5229

    SA Patricia Villafranca
    Tel. 713-693-5015

    FBI Houston, 2500 East T.C. Jester Blvd., Houston, Texas 77008

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